How to Make SCD Legal Cream Cheese

Before starting the Specific Carbohydrate Diet I always kept my fridge stocked with cream cheese.  I would put that stuff on everything.  People made a weird face when they saw me eat celery smothered in cream cheese, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Sadly it all came to an end, because the SCD and […]

Ultimate SCD Appetizer Recipe. Warning, Bacon!

Ultimate SCD Appetizer Recipe. Warning, Bacon!

I love bacon.  The problem is that is it nearly impossible to find SCD legal bacon, and when on the SCD diet it is imperative that all sugar is cut out.  Luckily while shopping this past weekend I came across Lou’s Naturals Garrett Valley sugar free bacon.  In big letters on the front of the […]

Get Your Belly Out! Plus Quick Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (SCD/GAPS)

Get Your Belly Out!  Plus Quick Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe (SCD/GAPS)

Recently I was browsing through my Twitter feed, and I started seeing pictures of peoples bellies.  Some had scars, some had ostomy bags, there were men and women, all of them were participating in a new awareness campaign known as #GetYourBellyOut.  A crusade started by @Sahara88uk and @colitisandme to end the world’s blind eye to what it really means to have Crohn’s […]

Ranch Dressing recipe, Fast, Easy, and Delicious

The thing that I don’t understand about salad dressing is why there are so many strange ingredients in them.  And it’s impossible to find one that hasn’t had sugar added to it.  This makes it just about impossible to have a salad while adhering to the SCD or GAPS diets. This recipe for ranch dressing […]

You Poop a Lot: The Public Perception of IBD

Everyone in my life knows that I have Crohn’s, and is understanding when I say that I am not feeling well.  As time goes on I begin to believe that they have a realistic perception of what Crohn’s actually is.  That is until something happens that sheds light on just how little they actually know […]

Living Life with Crohn’s and Confidence

I really want to build this website into a useful resource for people who suffer from IBD.  So, in pursuit of making this site better I have begun studying successful blogs.  This includes working through courses led by Corbett Bar and Chase Reeves at Fizzle, along with some other successful bloggers.  The common theme is […]